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Elevate your pavement’s appeal and durability with Asphalt Brothers Paving in Arkansas. Serving property owners around Little Rock, AR, our asphalt overlay services provide a cost-effective solution to refresh worn surfaces. Discover how this process enhances aesthetics, rectifies minor imperfections, and extends the life of your property’s pavement.

Overlay: a Low-Cost Repair Method for Asphalt Pavement

This strategic solution is employed when cracks or potholes appear on a paved area, yet full replacement isn’t necessary. This technique is employed when most of the area is sound, but certain sections require attention. These compromised areas can be patched, then overlaid. The resulting surface layer boasts a lifespan of 8 to 15 years.

How do I know this asphalt repair is good for my pavement?

An overlay is an ideal solution when a paved area exhibits surface cracks or minor damage that doesn’t warrant full replacement.

How do I know if my paved area is too old for an overlay?

While this repair is versatile, age plays a role. If the base is compromised or there are extensive areas of deterioration, it might not be enough to fully restore the surface.

How does the cost compare to a full replacement?

In terms of appearance, repaving and asphalt overlays yield similar results. Yet, the cost of an overlay typically falls around 60 percent, slightly over half, of the price of a complete repaving job. This cost fluctuates based on factors like the extent of surface removal, the damaged area’s size, and property attributes influencing job complexity and duration.

For quality pavement overlay in Little Rock, Arkansas, Asphalt Brothers Paving is the one to call!

A professional assessment from experienced contractors is the only way to determine whether an overlay is viable or a more comprehensive solution is needed. Our paving experts will perform a thorough pavement inspection and work with you to find a repair solution that fits your budget and needs.

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