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Want to protect your parking lot from damage and keep it looking good all year? Sealcoating is the answer. This cost-effective pavement maintenance service protects asphalt from sun damage, cracks, and water infiltration. But it’s not something property owners should DIY.

For Quality Parking Lot Sealcoating in Little Rock, AR, Asphalt Brothers Paving is the company to call!

In Arkansas, businesses can rely on Asphalt Brothers for commercial paving services like applying seal coats and restriping parking spaces, traffic lanes, and more. With the help of our skilled paving contractors, you can get the benefits of a brand-new lot without the expense of paving. We’ll handle everything from sourcing the proper sealant to arranging alternative parking for employees and customers.

What Businesses Should Know About Parking Lot Sealcoat Services

Regular maintenance is critical to preserving your pavement assets because sun, oxygen, traffic, and water all take their toll. Asphalt sealing is the most effective way to do this, restoring a dark black surface and providing years of protection for a low cost.

  • What It Does

    Sealcoating offers numerous benefits, such as protecting the pavement from sunlight, oxidation, and chemicals and extending its lifespan. In addition, it seals the surface, preventing water infiltration and reducing the risk of more extensive damage. Sealcoating also enhances the parking lot’s appearance, giving it a fresh, new look that can attract customers and improve curb appeal. Additionally, it enhances the surface’s resistance to oil and gas spills, making it easier to clean and maintain.

  • How It Works

    Most pavement sealants are made from liquid petroleum products and super-fine aggregates like sand mixed into a slurry that’s usually applied hot. Because it’s made of similar materials to asphalt, the sealant flows over the surface, filling minor cracks and imperfections, then curing into a durable but flexible top coat. This protective barrier reduces the damage caused by the elements and chemicals.

  • After a Seal Coat

    For parking lots, it’s recommended that line striping is painted after the sealant has been applied to bring it back to full function. This is a great time to update your parking lot design and stay up-to-date with ADA compliance.

Trust Asphalt Brothers Paving for reliable sealcoating services in Arkansas!

By investing in sealcoating with Asphalt Brothers Paving, businesses in Arkansas can protect their pavement, save on maintenance costs, and maintain an attractive and well-maintained parking lot.

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