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If you have a cracked pavement in your parking lot, Asphalt Brothers Paving is the top local pavement repair company to call. Our years of experience with the restoration of paved areas, from roads to sports courts, will work to improve your property without breaking the bank. But how do these services work?

Let’s Talk About Cracks! How Filling & Sealing Restores Pavement

With weather and wear, cracks are inevitable, but the key to long-lasting paved areas is addressing them promptly to avert costly repairs.

How do cracks form in asphalt in the first place?

Nature’s forces, especially water’s influence, play a significant role in pavement wear. Not only can it physically wash away the surface, but the freezing and expansion of water in subgrade during cold months also lead to cracking. Left untreated, this causes instability and irreversible damage.

How does water infiltrate pavement initially?

The culprits behind overall deterioration are road salts, heavy trucks, oil spots, and sunlight. While water directly triggers cracks, these factors create pathways for water to penetrate the surface layer. Sunlight’s impact dries the tar, leaving crevices. Oil breaks down chemical bonds in the asphalt fillers, opening up the surface. Heavy trucks cause tiny stress fractures, which allow water intrusion. See the pattern? The goal of crack filling and sealcoating services is to seal the top layer and stop moisture from getting deeper into the pavement.

Our crack-filling services combat these issues.

This restoration process involves cleaning the cracks, often with high-pressure air, to remove debris and moisture. Then, using specialized equipment, our licensed contractors apply a hot rubberized filler material. The material adheres to the walls of the cracks, sealing them and preventing water infiltration. This proactive measure prevents further deterioration, prolongs the pavement’s life, and enhances its appearance.

For quality crack filling services in Little Rock, Arkansas, trust Asphalt Brothers Paving!

Don’t let cracks escalate to potholes! Reach out to our team at the first sign of damage. Our expert crack filling services will safeguard your investment and extend the life of your pavement.

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