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When it comes to installing a parking lot or driveway, it’s crucial to rely on professional expertise to avoid costly mistakes. Unfortunately, not all asphalt companies in Little Rock, AR are created equal, so choosing a top-notch paving company like Asphalt Brothers is essential.

Benefits of Asphalt

  • Durability: It’s highly durable and can withstand heavy traffic, harsh weather conditions, and temperature fluctuations. It has excellent resistance to cracks, potholes, and deformation.
  • Cost-effectiveness: It’s a cost-effective option for paving projects. It is less expensive to install and maintain than other materials like concrete, saving you money in the long run.
  • Quick Installation: Pavement can be installed relatively quickly, minimizing disruptions to traffic flow or business operations. It can often be ready for use within a day or two after installation.
  • Smooth and Quiet: It provides a smooth surface with a comfortable driving experience. It reduces noise levels from vehicle tires, creating a quieter environment for residential and commercial areas.
  • Safety: Blacktop offers excellent skid resistance, improving vehicle traction and reducing the risk of accidents. It also provides clear visibility for road markings and signs, enhancing safety.
  • Flexibility: It can adapt to slight ground movements without cracking. It is ideal for areas with expansive soils or regions prone to seismic activity.
  • Easy Maintenance and Repairs: Pavement is relatively easy to maintain and repair. Regular maintenance activities such as sealcoating and crack sealing can extend its lifespan and restore its appearance.
  • Aesthetics: It enhances the overall aesthetics of a property, providing a clean, sleek, and professional look that improves curb appeal.

Types of Paving Work

Because of its durability and flexibility, asphalt pavement is used in various places. Of course, people are used to driving on blacktop roads, but that’s not all. Parking lots paved with asphalt and not concrete are more durable and easier to maintain. In addition, paved driveways provide a high return on investment. Our professional contractors can also install, repair, and maintain all sorts of paved areas, from sports courts to walkways.

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With over four decades of experience, Asphalt Brothers has established itself as a trusted paving service provider throughout Arkansas. As a locally and family-owned company, we prioritize customer satisfaction and hold full licensing, bonding, and insurance. By hiring us, you can save time, benefit from cost savings, expect positive results, and reduce liability risks associated with improper installations.

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