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Need a new parking lot or driveway on your Arkansas property? Whether you require residential or commercial paving services, our competitive prices make choosing Asphalt Brothers easy.

Our Asphalt Installation Process

Let’s look at how our experienced paving contractors create beautiful, safe paved surfaces for our valued clients in the Little Rock area.

  • Demolition

    Our experienced contractors begin installation by demolishing existing pavement. We first remove the existing surface and any vegetation. Old pavement doesn’t go to waste with our environmentally friendly recycling services.

  • Site Grading

    Using advanced equipment, our skilled team grades the surface to be paved, ensuring adequate water run-off. Proper water drainage is crucial for the longevity of your asphalt, preventing damage.

  • Gravel Base Layer

    Our expert team understands that the aggregate sub-base layer is a stable foundation for the new pavement. Therefore, we prioritize base thickness, stability, and compaction. With Asphalt Brothers, you can trust our meticulous attention to every process step to deliver a long-lasting surface.

  • Binder Layer

    Following sub-base installation, we proceed to apply the binder layer. This layer, composed of a strong mixture of large aggregate and petroleum products, enhances the pavement’s strength and durability. As the backbone of the new pavement, this binder layer plays a vital role in long-term performance.

  • Surface Installation

    After establishing the necessary supportive structures, we add the top layer of fresh asphalt, resulting in a sleek, jet-black surface with proper traction. This carefully blended mixture is composed of small aggregates, sand, and bitumen. When installed correctly, it offers a smooth and comfortable driving experience that reduces traffic noise and lasts for years.

  • Finishing Touches

    The final step includes transitions to other paving materials like concrete sidewalks, fixing edges, and achieving proper compaction of all pavement layers. We take pride in seamlessly blending new asphalt with existing surfaces, ensuring neat edges, and enhancing the pavement’s strength.

    Finishing services for commercial parking lots involves applying durable traffic paint on curbs, line striping, and pavement stencils. This step creates an easy-to-navigate parking area.

Asphalt Brothers: Arkansas’ Parking Lot & Driveway Installation Specialists

Do you need a reliable and experienced paving company in Arkansas for your parking lot or driveway installation? Look no further than Asphalt Brothers Paving. With over 40 years of expertise, we deliver exceptional results tailored to your needs.

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